This is the most representative product, and most widely used among liquid-expanding products.
RPT - Series
This product is designed to install in a small and narrow places and all of the structural, electrical specifications are just same as TS- series.
RNTS - Series
This product is designed to use up to double amounts(30A), compared to ordinary thermostats, so you can use this product without using...
TSR - Series
When arrived at adjusted temperature and shut off the power, it doesn’t reset automatically and should be restarted artificially by...
Thermostats In Enclosure
This Thermostats In-Enclosure is basically equipped with RAINBOW electron’s TS-Series thermostats, and you can choose the type...
Capillary Thermometer
As a non power thermometer, it is designed to indicate the temperature according to the liquid expanding cofficient...
Vibration Absober
NDH Coolmate Vibration absorbers are designed for installation in the suction and dischagre lines of Air conditioning and Refrrgeration...
Cartridge-heater is a strongly compressed and solidified heater with MgO, which is excellent in heat conduction and characteristics...
Infrared ceramic
Infrared ceramic heater is a heater that electrical wave in the form of an electromagnetic wave that is composed of insulator being...
Rainbow electronics co.,Ltd. has produced variety of thermostatic related products as a manufacturer of thermometer and thermostat for 30 years. We’ve strived to upgrade the quality of our products through continuous research and development and acquisition of certification. Today, we are providing our products to 40 buyers in 30 countries continuously. Also, we have established Qingdao plant in Qingdao, China to be able to mass produce our products.
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