Rainbow Electronics Co., Ltd. has been producing a variety of thermometer and thermostat-related products for over 30 years.

Since 1983, our company has introduced market-leading products and advanced technology in the domestic market. To sustain growth, we have introduced an ERP system to increase productivity with a vision that "a creative company copes actively with the changing circumstances." Through our expansion into the Chinese market with our Qingdao plant and growing exports, we have established a systematic mass-production system.

In addition, in order to compete in global marketplace, Rainbow Electronics is creating new success with clients: by securing technical skills, competitive prices, manufacturing a quality product, improving production processes, and engaging in innovative research and development activities.

We promise that we will fulfill our roles and responsibilities as a company that responds creatively to rapidly changing market demands and client-centric thinking.

With so many challenges in the market, Rainbow Electronics would like to have an opportunity to offer a solution to your thermostat-related needs. Thank you.

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