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Cartridge-heater is a strongly compressed and solidified heater with MgO, which is excellent in heat conduction and characteristics of high temperature insulated resistance, after arranging accurately wound heating coil on a Ceramic Core close to the interior wall Heater Pipe. This product maintains high heat conductivity and insulation density caused by compress method, and provides equalized temperature constantly and prevents oxidation and erosion in high temperature and guarantees longevity. Therefore, this product is not only reliable but also long-lasting, excellent device since the temperature difference between inside and outside of Sheath is low, because the heat that is generated from the heating wire will be released to the outside Sheath
- plastic catapult/ plastic molding press
- heating hot runner mold / heating hot stamping
- medical equipments/ packing machine for shoes/ all sorts of molds and dye
- heating gas or liquid
- food processing
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