Thermostat Adjustable thermostats
RPT - Series
This product is designed to install in a small and narrow places and all of the structural, electrical specifications are just same as TS- series. This model is for mass production, not like TS- series which can be produced small amounts and various types of products,
MIN 50°C ~ MAX 320°C
Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) , Single Pole Single Throw (SPST)
M4 fixed bracket (28mm from center to center)
Single Blade, Dual Blade
Stainless / Standard 1000mm (Optional 250mm ~ 2000mm)
R type / B type (optional)
PT1/4", M12, M14 (optional)
model temperature range bulb dimension capillary dimension Type of knob
Stuffing bolt
RPT 050S 0°C ~ 50°C Ø5.8 * 127mm Standard 1000mm
(250 ~2000mm
Standard PT 1/4"
(M12 / M14 선택가능)
RPT 090S 0°C~90°C Ø5.8 * 123mm
RPT 120S 0°C~120°C Ø5 * 106mm
RPT 200S 50°C~200°C Ø5 * 89mm
RPT 320S 50°C~320°C Ø3 * 144mm
Ø5 * 60mm
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