Adjustable Themostat


The AG32 is designed for Three Poles and High Capacity and is capable of
anode blocking and can be used up to 32A/250VAC.
They are strong and durable and can be installed/connected directly to a
high-capacity heater without implementing magnet switches or a separate


  • Temp Range : 0°C to 120°C / 50°C to 320°C
  • Capillary Tube Length : 900mm
  • Electric Rating : 32A/250VAC
  • Switch Type : Three Pole Single Throw (TPST)
  • Direct connection possible without a relay


  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Factory & Industrial Facilities
  • Electric Boilers
  • Hot Water Heaters


Main Model

Model Temp Range Electric Ratings Bulb Dimensions Switch Accuracy  
AG32-3K-120A 30°C~120°C 32A/250V Ø6.0 X 88mm TPST ±5°C Learn more...
  • AG32-3K-120A
AG32-3K-320A 50°C~320°C 32A/250V Ø4.0 X 129mm TPST ±12°C Learn more...
  • AG32-3K-320A

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