Bi-metal Thermostat

A bimetallic thermostat is used as a safety mechanism to prevent overheating by using differential expansion that operates only at a specific temperatures.
This compact device is easy to install and use and comes in either a manual reset type or an automatic reset type.

Principle of Operation

A bimetallic thermostat uses two types of thin metal plates with different coefficients
of the thermal expansion rate.
When the metal plates are heated or cooled, they bend to one direction due to the
difference in the expansion rate allowing the device to make electrical contact to turn
on and off.


Used on various small home appliances

- Air Conditioners
- Water Heaters
- Boilers
- Hot Water Mats
- Washing Machines/Dryers
- Sterilizers
- Fryers
- Baking Equipment
- Rice Cookers

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