Adjustable Themostat

RAINBOW's adjustable thermostats auto-adjust where temperatures fluctuate within a set range. They are easy to install and use and are less impacted by the surrounding environment. We provide various product types that can be used within a maximum temperature range of -30°C to 320°C (-22°F to 608°F) and an electrical rating up to 32A.

Principle of Operation

These adjustable thermostats operate through liquid expansion with the bulb being the core of the liquid expansion system. The bulb unit consists of a bulb, a capillary tube, a diaphragm and an expansion medium (liquid).When the bulb detects the heat, the medium liquid expands and widens the diaphragm gap through the capillary tube and opens and closes the switch contact with the expansion energy. The diaphragm responds to a very small temperature changes requiring a high level of precision.


We can provide various thermostats according to customer's requirements in the
following applications.

- Commercial Cooking Equipment
- Boilers, Water Heaters
- Heating & Cooling Equipment
- Industrial Facilities
- Agricultural Applications

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