Enclosure Thermostats


Mainly used in refrigeration and frozen industrial equipment, the LTS Series
can be installed in open spaces where the refrigeration type can operate
at -30°C to 30°C and the general type at 0°C to 50°C,0°C to 80°C,and 0°C to120°C.


  • Built-in TS-Series
  • Basic accessories provided
  • Refrigeration Type : -30°C~30°C
  • General Type : 0~50°C, 0~80°C, 0~120°C
  • Electric rating : 20A / 250VAC
  • Switch Type : SPST/SPDT


  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Aquariums


Main Model

Model Temp Range Electric Ratings Bulb Dimensions Switch Accuracy  
LTS-030S -30°C~30°C 20A/250VAC Ø5.8 X 127mm SPST/SPDT ±2°C Learn more...
  • LTS-030S
LTS-050S 0°C~50°C 20A/250VAC Ø5.8 X 127mm SPST/SPDT ±2°C Learn more...
  • LTS-050S
LTS-080S 0°C~80°C 20A/250VAC Ø5.8 X 121mm SPST/SPDT ±3°C Learn more...
  • LTS-080S
LTS-120S 0°C~120°C 20A/250VAC Ø5.0 X 106mm SPST/SPDT ±3°C Learn more...
  • LTS-120S

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