Enclosure Thermostats


This product has an externally mounted bulb that detects air temperature.
The ITS Series is generally used where room temperatures need to moderated,
such as, cold storage or greenhouses.
The lead wire is externally connected to the thermostat terminal so the wiring
can be done without opening the enclosure.


  • Spiral Bulb Type
  • Detect air temperature
  • Built-in TS-Series
  • Temp Range : 0°C~60°C
  • Electric rating : 20A / 250VAC
  • Switch Type : SPDT


  • Cold Storage
  • Greenhouses
  • Garage Fan Heaters


Main Model

Model Temp Range Electric Ratings Bulb Dimensions Switch Accuracy  
ITS-050L 0°C~50°C 20A / 250VAC Ø2.5 Spiral Type SPDT ±3°C Learn more...
  • ITS-050L

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