Enclosure Thermostats


The PTCS Series is designed to control the internal temperatures and
dehumidification and prevent the overheating for various control devices.
Fasteners and DIN rail mounting clips can be easily attached and removed.
There is also an open-and-close wiring feature allowing a wiring connection
without disassembly.


  • Temperature control inside various control boxes
  • Overheat Blocking / Dehumidification Control
  • Built-in TS-Series
  • Temp Range : 0°C~50°C / 0°C~90°C
  • Electric rating : 20A / 250VAC
  • Switch Type : SPDT


  • Switchboard
  • Control Box
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Space-Heaters


Main Model

Model Temp Range Electric Ratings Bulb Dimensions Switch Accuracy  
PTSC-050S 0°C~50°C 20A / 250VAC Built In Type SPDT ±3°C Learn more...
  • PTSC-050S
PTSC-090S 0°C~90°C 20A / 250VAC Built In Type SPDT ±4°C Learn more...
  • PTSC-090S

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